The Manual.
PHP Internals Book
A collaborative effort to better document and describe how PHP works internally.
Tracker of PHP RFCs
This website aims to unify different sources of information about the PHP internals under one roof.
PHP The Right Way
Quick reference for PHP popular coding standards.
PHP The Wrong Way
A pragmatic view on PHP programming.
PHP does not suck
PHP is the Nickelback of programming languages.
PHP Sadness
These are things in PHP which make me sad.
PHP TestFest
PHP TestFest aims to improve the code coverage of the test suite for PHP.
An international meeting-point for the PHP-Community.
PHP Women
An inclusive & global network providing support within the PHP community.
PHP Mentoring
Focus on creating networks of skilled developers from all walks of life.
Open Source Mental Illness
Changing how we talk about mental health in the tech community.
Static Analysis Tools
A curated list of static analysis tools for PHP.